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Wedding Venues


The choice of wedding venue is one of the first – and most important – decisions that a newly engaged couple will make. Will they choose yours?

When international clients can’t physically inspect your property prior to booking, your online presence is key when it comes to attracting, connecting with, and booking these couples.

At Bliss Digital Web, our speciality is working with destination wedding venues to help grow your online presence and attract your ideal wedding clients, on autopilot. 

We understand your clients, and we understand what they look for when choosing a venue for their destination wedding.  We’ll help you reach them at exactly the right time, and help you showcase your property in the best possible light.  Whether your property is a private villa, a boutique hotel, a castle or a winery, we’ll make you the obvious choice as a wedding venue in your destination.

Services that we provide for Destination Wedding Venues;

Custom Digital Marketing Campaigns for Wedding Venues

This is our signature service, and we will only work with ONE venue in each destination.  We’d love to make it yours.

Each and every custom digital marketing campaign is unique, tailored specifically to the individual venue and the location that it operates in.  However, this is an example of the kind of services that we provide to our custom clients;

  • We’ll ensure that your website is fast, secure, mobile-friendly and free from technical errors – all the things that Google loves.
  • We’ll perform detailed keyword research, to ensure that we fully understand your business and the unique attributes that it has.
  • We’ll look at your website design and architecture to ensure that your site is able to attract and convert the right audience.
  • We’ll produce a full Content Strategy that draws potential clients directly to you.
  • We even take care of content creation if required, and create beautifully written, perfectly optimized web pages and blog posts for your wedding venue.
  • We’ll build high-quality links with other websites, to ensure that Google views your site as a legitimate and authoritative website.


Please note that this service is strictly limited to ONE wedding venue per destination.  To check availability at your location, and to learn more about our pricing for Custom Digital Marketing Campaigns, please contact us for a confidential chat. 

‘Brides Without Borders’ Destination Wedding Directory Listing

Our destination wedding blog, Brides Without Borders has been helping to inspire and educate couples planning a destination wedding for almost a decade.  BWB’s Destination Wedding Directory is the only online directory of its type, designed specifically for destination wedding professionals and the unique challenge of reaching your audience – whether they are in the next town, the next region, or the other side of the world.

The directory provides an opportunity to showcase your property to a global audience of couples who are planning a destination wedding in your location.  All listings are by invitation only, however venues are welcome and encouraged to apply for inclusion.


To apply for inclusion in the BWB Destination Wedding Directory, and to receive further information including pricing, please provide your contact details HERE.

Share Your Expertise on ‘Brides Without Borders’

Our destination wedding blog, Brides Without Borders is a valuable resource for couples who are planning a destination wedding.  We regularly share advice and information on BWB, with a focus on providing unique insider advice from those with firsthand knowledge of the destination.  We are always keen to collaborate with local experts to ensure the accuracy and the value of this content to our audience. 

This is an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as an expert within your location, and to promote your property to BWB’s global audience in the process.  As a contributor, you will be named and credited with a link back to your venue’s website.  In addition, our articles are fully keyword researched and optimized for SEO purposes, ensuring that your venue will receive maximum online exposure.

If you are interested in being quoted or featured in an upcoming article, we would love to hear from you.

This is a Free Opportunity

Please contact us and let us know where your property is based, and which topics you are able to contribute to (e.g. best local attractions, romantic things to do near you, etc.).  You can even pitch us an idea for a story!

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